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The Staple Coffee

The Staple Coffee

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The Staple was one of our first shoes to feature a composite leather and rubber sole. If you love having a leather sole but want the non-slip and durability features of rubber, this is a nice compromise. Inside, you’ll find a leather insole. The lining is leather where comfort matters most, and a synthetic print to add visual interest. The upper is made of premium goat suede leather with a very short nap. This gives it a beautiful appearance without some of the care-and-use challenges of a longer-napped suede. The sole has a complex side profile built of multiple layers. The hand-stitched leather welt adds style and telegraphs quality. The back of the shoe is styled with a subtle navy blue accent. This is not your average shoe, for sure! 

About the Fit

These run slightly narrow, but will stretch slightly to accommodate a wider footbed as well. If you need a half-size, consider buying the next size up.  Like all natural, breathable leathers, these will adapt to your foot over time, even changing with you from morning until night as your feet swell slightly the longer you are on them. 

To ensure the perfect fit, see these sizing instructions, or convert from US sizes using this size chart.

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