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Siena Brown

Siena Brown

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The Siena is a classic brown or black leather Chukka boot designed for maximum comfort and durability. In addition to the brown and black options, we also have a "vintage natural leather" option that is what you think of when you want an non-glossy natural leather straight from the tannery.

The non-slip shoe-grade rubber sole is hand-stitched to the 100% natural leather upper. The “floater” leather is hand-selected to find the most comfortable and beautiful cuts possible. (“Floater” leather is known for its comfort, flexibility, and long-lasting durability.) 

The shoe is lined in leather, including the insole, making the shoe warm in winter and cool in summer -- breathing to help your foot regulate its temperature naturally, unlike many synthetic alternatives. And, since it’s real leather, it changes with the shape of your foot even throughout the day -- something most shoes can’t equal. Try them without socks and you may never go back! 

Like all of our footwear, these boots come with two lace options -- a conservative brown, and a somewhat-less-conservative orange. =) 

About the Fit

These are a normal width boot. If you normally wear a half-size, consider going down a size since these will stretch to accommodate you after wearing them for about a day. 

To ensure the perfect fit, see these sizing instructions, or convert from US sizes using this size chart.

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