Fitting Guide

We use European sizing. If you normally wear a half size, consider going down a size, since natural leather will stretch slightly. If the shoe has laces (most of ours do), you can open up the shoe slightly to accommodate a wider foot as well. But the best way to know for sure is to get a ruler or a measuring tape.


The tools!

Before you begin, make sure you are wearing some relatively fitted socks, or the socks that you would choose to wear with your new shoes!

You will need: A ruler, a plain piece of A4 paper, a pencil, a wall or flat surface to butt up against, and your feet. Oh, and we threw in a tape measure to make the photo look nice!!!


The wall

Place the paper up on the floor, making sure it is butted up to the wall and place your heel on the paper and against the wall. TIP: Once your foot is in place, make sure your pencil is to hand!


The pencil

Find your inner artist… Drawing around your foot might sound easy, but it might take a few attempts to get it absolutely right. Holding the pencil as vertical as possible, draw around your feet, one at a time.


The ruler

Your feet are no longer required (to us!). Now, take your ruler and draw a rectangle around your pencil drawing as per the illustration. The horizontal line should touch your longest toe, the two vertical lines should touch the inside and outside of your foot.


The measurment lines

Draw two more lines to form a cross. The first, a vertical line from the bottom of the paper (which was butted up against the wall and now represents your heel) to the horizontal line that forms the top of the rectangle (and touches your toes). The second, a horizontal line that joins up the two vertical lines of the rectangle (that represent the widest points of your feet).


The important information

Measure (in metric) the two lines which make up the cross. The longest line (vertical) will give you your foot length. The shortest line will give you your width measurement. Measure both of your feet. When sending your measurements to us, please send the measurements of both feet to us. 

The next steps...

From your measurements, you can now work out your US size.

If you think the size is not correct, according to what you might usually wear, please share some more information such as your usual size that might help us in determining your correct size in Polished Shoes.For example: Do you own any other Polished Shoes shoes?

Do you own any other American footwear?

Trying shoes on at home!

  • Please do so on a carpet or a rug so not to dent and scratch the leather soles. Rubber soles can be tried on, on a hard surface.
  • Do not walk outside. Shoes & boots worn outside are NOT eligible for return.
  • For Oxfords, Derby’s and Monk shoes & boots, open the laces fully so to minimise creasing on the vamp.
  • For Loafers, use a shoe horn or the supportive card inside the shoes, to slide your foot into the loafers. This protect the back part of the loafer from damage.
  • When test fitting / walking, try not to flex the shoes fully. You will be able to feel if the shoes are too big or too small without having to walk more than a few steps.
  • You should NOT be able to fit your index finger between your heel and the back of the shoes when your foot is inside.
  • Your toes should NOT be at the end of the shoes.
  • A little heel slip is expected on all new shoes. This will reduce through wear, once the shoes mould to your feet over time.

Shoes & boots that fit, will be comfortable from the moment your try them on.


If you are still unsure and wish to discuss your measurements, please contact our Online Retail Services team.